With our site we want to give you an impression what the area has to offer of Guardamar del Segura.

The appartment is located on the edge of the Reina Sofia park with the famous night market and cosy terraces.

We have settled down here since 1997 and already spent a lot of fine times.
Guardamar, growed out from a small coastal town, which was mainly used as a holiday resort for the Spaniards from the Interior, to a significant resort for Spanish/Dutch/English/German and Scandinavian holidaymakers.
Many people live here permanently, but most of them have here their holiday home.
What is clear to note that the city in July and August still huge by the Spaniards, due to the beautiful long sandy beach, which gives an attractive trait to this environment.

In this period there are also the events of the Morons and Cristianos, which go hand in hand with large parades and lots of fun.